Brookwood Program Management

Envision.  Advance.  Assure.

Staff Augmentation

Brookwood brings skill and talent to help envision, advance and assure successful projects. One way that Brookwood has helped has been to provide staff augmentation for such activities as planning, monitoring and managing projects. With tighter budgets and even greater limitations in capital funding, many clients (including corporations and institutions such as colleges and universities) do not have the staff in house to meet the demands when new projects are funded. In recognition of this, Brookwood can provide skilled and talented staff, enabling its clients to achieve success with their projects without needing to staff-up on a continuing basis. Drawing on Brookwood’s talent pool, rather than hiring full-time continuing staff, has proven to be an effective cost saving approach that provides the resources needed to help ensure project success, advance credibility for campus leadership and manage risk.

Retail Banking Facilities

Advancing and Protecting the Interests of the Owner