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Construction Program Management ("Program Management")

Construction Program Management is a professional service provided by a team experienced in architectural and engineering design, construction procurement, construction and project management and which acts exclusively on behalf of and as an extension of the Owner*.

The team is referred to as the Program Manager and is usually cast in the role of Owner's Representative. If the Program Manager's role is even more comprehensive, perhaps including responsibility for financing and marketing, then the Program Manager is often referred to as the Development Manager or Fee Developer.

The primary goal of the Program Manager is overall control of all aspects of the construction program, meaning the pre-design planning, programming of requirements, pre-design budgeting, design, construction, equipping, furnishing, commissioning, occupancy and close-out of the project. A major goal is to save money and time for the Owner while helping the Owner achieve its expectations in terms of the desired facility and its delivery within budget and schedule.

Typically, the Program Manager comes on board early in the pre-design planning phase and helps organize and manage the pre-design planning, programming and budgeting, also advising the Owner as to the most effective project delivery method(s) for the project.

The Program Manager advises the Owner on cost budgeting and scheduling, while assisting the Owner in determining that the total project budget is compatible with the program of requirements and schedule.

The Program Manager assists the Owner in keeping the project on schedule and within budget throughout pre-design planning, design, construction, furnishing, equipping, commissioning, move-in and contract close-out. Cost control and advisory services during design are major activities of the Program Manager for which Brookwood often employs its highly effective Multi-Track/Reconciliation Costing system. Scheduling in greater and greater detail as the project proceeds and employing advanced scheduling and reporting systems are standard parts of Brookwood's services.

The Program Manager often assists the Owner with the procurement of design services. A major service of the Program Manager is the management of all design services and construction award(s) as well as the planning for and procurement of furnishings, equipment and other non-construction elements of the project.

The Program Manager also assists the Owner in the planning and coordination of the commissioning of the facility and move-in if authorized.

If the Owner so desires, in Bridging method projects, Brookwood can also provide the first two phases of design services. This would typically include preliminary design and the preparation of the Bridging Contract Documents based on which Bridging type design-build fixed price proposals may be obtained for the Owner.

* And/or user(s), tenant or lender.

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