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Laura Heery

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Laura Heery is a co-founder of Brookwood Group, Inc. She is based in Atlanta, Miami, and New York, and is the owner and Managing Principal of Brookwood Design Group, a separate Brookwood affiliate.

In 2010, Laura co-chaired the 18th annual Congress for the New Urbanism, organized with assistance from the Centers for Disease Control, focused on economic, energy, health, and resilient community outcomes in architecture, master planning and urban design.

Laura served as Brookwood's Principal-in-Charge for the Turner/Time Warner Campus Master Plan in Midtown Atlanta and the Peachtree Corridor redesign from urban highway to livable boulevard. She also was Brookwood's Design Architect for the Georgia Institute of Technology Campus in Savannah.

Laura has lead the concept phase for international projects, such as for The Coca-Cola Company in Brussels for their European facilities; and a project permitted for Disneyland in Paris. Her pre-development design concept work includes Glenwood Park for Green Street/Jamestown Properties; the Mall of Georgia and district guidelines; Centennial Hill for Hines Interests; West Paces Village with Lord, Aeck, Sargent.

After receiving a Masters of Architecture from Yale University, Laura worked for I.M.Pei and Partners, followed by Heery International. From 1984 to 1988 she worked as a designer with John Burgee Architects with Philip Johnson.

劳拉·普卢兹(Laura Heery)是布鲁克伍德集团(Brookwood)和布鲁克伍德 设计集团有限公司创始人。她往来于纽约,康乃狄克州的格林威治和亚特兰大三地之间,目前仍是布鲁克伍德设计集团有限公司的老板兼总经理一职。


在亚特兰大中城”特纳时代华纳园区”(Turner/Time Warner Campus)的总体规划以及”桃树走廊“从高速公路至街道的重新设计中,劳拉是布鲁克伍德方的总负责人。她也代表布鲁克伍德参与了位于萨瓦纳的佐治亚理工学院校园的建筑设计。她还领导国际项目的概念设计,例如可口可乐布鲁塞尔分公司在欧洲的设施,以及迪斯尼乐园在巴黎已获得许可的一个项目。她的前期开发设计工作还包括Green Street/Jamestown房地产公司在格林伍园区(Glenwood Park)的项目,佐治亚商城和地区导向,Hines Interests公司的百龄山(Centennial Hill )以及由 Lord, Aeck 和Sargent共同参与的西楼台村(West Paces Village)。劳拉在耶鲁大学获得建筑硕士后,曾先后在贝聿铭建筑事务所和希里国际公司供职。198至1988年期间,在John Burgee建筑设计事务所任设计师,并同Philip Johnson一起合作。

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