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Strategic Real Estate and Facilities Planning

Brookwood's services include Strategic Real Estate and Facilities Planning as well as other forms of long and near term planning. Brookwood has provided such services to businesses including Turner Broadcasting, Violin Systems, Salesforce and The Coca-Cola Company. In the public sector, Brookwood has provided these services to universities and public agencies such as Cal Poly, the Medical College of Georgia, and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, as well as public school districts and local governments across the United States.

Brookwood recommends that this planning be undertaken by a small group made up of key people in the client organization teaming with the appropriate planners/managers. Brookwood’s professionals have extensive experience in real estate development, development economics and finance, site and facility analyses, programming and facilities planning, site evaluation, land planning and architecture.

Two publications are available for download on these topics, “Strategic Real Estate and Facilities Planning”, and “Strategic Facilities Planning for Colleges and Universities”.

Coca-Cola Headquarters, Atlanta

Strategic Management Consulting for Real Estate and Facilities